How much does it cost to tryout?
Tryouts are $15 at the door. You can bring cash or write a check to Moxie Volleyball. 

What does a player need to tryout?
A player needs to become an Ohio Valley Region Member. Learn about OVR memberships at 

How does a player become an OVR member?

The link to become a NEW member is

How does an existing OVR member renew their membership?
Link to RENEW membership at

What does a player need to bring to tryouts?

  1. Read the Athlete's Bill of Rights, print and sign at
  2. Print and sign the USA Volleyball Medical Release Form at
  3. Print and bring your OVR membership card.
  4. Check or cash for $15 tryout fee.
  5. Print and sign the USA Volleyball Medical Release Form.
  6. Volleyball gear and water bottle. 
  7. Arrive 15 minutes before your tryout time to finalize registration.

What age division should my child tryout for?
Link to the OVR site to review age groups at

What if a player is playing a winter or spring sport, can she still play club volleyball?

Yes! We encourage athletes to play multiple sports.

Any more questions for us?

Contact us at

FAQs about teams...

FAQs about tryouts...

What do you need to know about Juniors Volleyball

What are the details about practices for my team?
Practices will be on Monday and Friday nights for two hours (if, for some reason the gym is not available, we may add extra time on a following week)

What level will my daughter be playing at?

Our goal is to play at the level we feel our team can be the most competitive. Our 18s team will be Regional since there is no American for 18s.

Who will my coach be?

Head coaches at Moxie are only high school experienced coaches as well as coaches who have coached at the club level for many years.

How many players will be put on each team?

We will only place 9 or 10 players on each team.

How much does it cost to play for a Moxie team?

American teams are $1200 and Regional level teams are $900, however, the 10s, 11s, and 12s Regional teams will be $700. Additional pricing details can be found here.