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Tryouts for 12, 11s, 10s Regional Teams
Coaches: Hannah Fortune, TBD
Monday Oct 29, 7pm to 9pm- Cosgrove 

Tryouts for 14s American and 13s American
Coaches: Ashton Web, Christine Walker
Thursday Nov 1, 7pm to 9pm- Cosgrove 

Make-up Tryouts for 14s, 13s, 12s, 11s, 10s
Saturday Nov 3, 9am to 12pm- Cosgrove 

Tryouts for 16s American and 15s American
Coaches: Kate Walsh, TBD
Sunday Nov 11, 9am to 12pm- Cosgrove

Tryouts for 18s Regional and 17s American
Coaches: Jason Bryan, TBD
Wednesday Nov 14, 8pm-10pm- Cosgrove 

Make-up Tryouts for 18s, 17s, 16s, 15s
Thursday Nov 15, 7pm to 9pm- Cosgrove 

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