​​​​​​MOXIE 13 Pink Practices

St. Vincent St. Mary, 15 N. Maple St, Akron 

Our Lady of the Elms, 1375 W. Exchange St, Akron

St. Sabastian's Catholic School, 420 S. Hawkins, Akron

​St. Vincent Grade School, 164 W. Market Street, Akron


This is the difficult week where schools are in the
middle of basketball post season tournaments.
We are not getting confirmation on gym time
until this week. So, we are going to assume
that we can get the dates/times noted below.
If something changes you will get an email and 
your daughter will get a text from her coach.
Once we get final confirmation on gym time
for March, it will be posted.

2/27 Mon 6pm to 7:30pm - St. Sabastian

3/3 Fri 7pm to 8:30pm - St. VM Cosgrove

​TBD - after basketball season is over​ 

MOXIE 13 Pink Roster

​Team is registered as Regional

Kate Walsh

Karen Layne


Erin Cantor #2

Sydney Calcaterra #3

Annie Watson #7

Carolyn Johnson #10

Grace Folden #12

Madison Custer #16

Carly Dowling #19

Brandi Bowser #24

Gianna Manzo #31

Emma Frascella #77


MOXIE 13 Pink Tournaments

For tournament details click here to go

to the Ohio Valley Region website at​


1/28 Sat - OhioNets

2/18 Sat - Massilon Rec

3/4 Sat - Kids America

3/11 Sat - Eastside 

4/1 Sat - Eastside

​4/9 Sun - Maverick

5/6 Sat - Pinnacle

5/20 Sat - OVR Regionals